About us


Mavrovo dairy

"Mavrovo" dairy was founded in 2004, and since our first day of doing business until today we have a clear goal – to produce high quality, fresh and tasteful products.

Our wish is to gain the confidence of our customers every day and that everybody who tastes our products feel the unique way of cheese production.

Our company presents a brace of tradition and contemporariness – the company that is growing and developing along with new trends, while at the same time it stays faithful to its essential quality principles.

Because of growing demand for our products the new processing plant was built in 2008. It covers the area of 6000 m2 and the object itself has 600 m2 useful area with possibility of further expansion of 200 m2. The area is fenced and has paved access road and paths.



The production cycle is completely rounded and has capacity of 20000L milk per day in two shifts. The machinery is relatively new and was installed in 2008.

We have following machinery at our disposal:
  • Milk metering station
  • Pasteurizer “Alfa Laval” capacity 5000l/h
  • Homogenizer

  1. One 175000l capacity inside the dairy processing plant
  2. Nine lacto-freezers 500-1000l capacity placed on milk collecting points
  3. Three insulated INOX milk tanks

  • Milk collecting vehicles
  • 3 own purchase points with their own lacto-freezers
  • Complete line for cheese production
  • Complete line for hard cheese - “kashkaval” production
  • Cottage cheese production line
  • Seven cheese vats

Milk transport between machinery is realized with INOX pipes and steam boiler with capacity of 450 KW or 600 kg steam per hour. The boiler is in purpose built boiler section.

The production is divided into two floors:
  • The first floor is intended for cheese production and has a capacity of 1200 liters of milk
  • The second floor is intended for the production of yellow cheese and has a capacity of 12000 liters of milk

We also have a packaging section and six chambers for cheese maturing and product maintaining.